My Mom

For years I took my mom to the eye doctor for her macular degeneration. She received injections in her eyes. She couldn't see after that for a while, a few hours but then was better the next day. I watched her slowly lose her eyesight.

Healthy and vital except for her eyes

She ended up going to assisted living. She was healthy and vital except for her eyes. Broke my heart that she could no longer crochet, see the TV, read even the daily news and then basically just knew where she was walking by memory, like to the dining room for example. Seeing to eat was difficult as well. She could no longer see faces. So hard.

I now worry

She ended up falling because of it and passed away 5 weeks later. I now worry that I am going to get the same thing as I am 73, almost 74. She did not have it till her 80's. I have to have a test for it in September as they saw something on the last test a year ago. Worries me.

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