My Biggest Regret

Last updated: May 2022

I had seen my ophthalmologist in December and was told that my cataract was indeed ready to be removed. The surgery was scheduled for mid-February. Several weeks before the surgery date I started seeing black and assumed that it was the cataract getting worse. I was anxious to get the cataract removed and to be able to see clearly again.

Still seeing black

Much to my disappointment, I was still seeing black after the removal of the cataract. The next day when I saw the doctor for my post-op appt. I told him that I was seeing black and he seemed puzzled and told me it should be better by the next day. The next day when I walked into my kitchen, the grout lines on my tile floor were all curved.

Doing what I can

I called immediately and got an appt. with the emergency doctor who told me that it was a retina issue and that I had macular degeneration. Since then I’ve seen a retina specialist and have had 3 injections. There is no guarantee that I will regain the vision I have lost and still have the curvy distorted vision in that eye.

I regret that I didn’t inform my doctor when I first noticed the black. I have the dry in my good eye and am taking Preservision to keep that eye healthy.

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