Mom Didn't Communicate

My mom was diagnosed with dry macular degeneration. Some unexpected medical emergencies got in the way of her regular check-ups, then she became totally invalid and unable to go to eye check-ups.

Hard to know the extent of her condition

In the meantime, her eyesight was getting worse but she was not saying anything about it. She sees some things but not all things, so it was hard to know the extent of her worsening condition. In her condition and at her age, she didn't want to opt for laser treatment. We had 2 elderly friends who had the laser and in both instances, their eyesight became worse and problematic.

The eye doctors ignored my complaints

It's been hard watching her lose so much of her eyesight. I too have a problem in my right eye and now my left. But the eye doctors ignored my complaints. Then the drops used in the eyes to dilate them give me severe headaches 24 hours around the clock for 6 months straight so I quit having that done as it is so bad I cannot work or function. I am assuming it is the mercury in the drops.

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