Don't Stop, Modify!

Last updated: October 2021

Our nephew and his wife were expecting their first child.

Gift giving

We wanted to give a personal gift - a gift I made for them as I had for many other family members. We chose a mobile with stuffed felt childhood objects. I cut the shapes, sewed them together, stuffed them, and embroidered the features of each animal and each object. First, I needed good lighting - afterall, I needed to see what I was sewing.

Finding the right lighting

This took time. None of my lighting choices worked for me in the way I wanted. I ended up hunting down the headlamp we used when camping. (Pretty funny looking! I thought about taking a selfie of myself at work!) I needed magnification. I have a large magnification lamp that had been purchased years ago for artwork. I needed to thread my needles. I placed white paper behind the needle, so I could see the hole, but I struggled with tiny details.

Time to modify!

Much later I finished this project, but I was discouraged about future creative activities. However, I will not stop creating. I get too much pleasure from these activities. I need better lighting. I need better magnification. Perhaps I choose larger, less detailed projects. Perhaps I use different media. MODIFY! MODIFY!

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