Clovis Collins

Last updated: August 2020

I was diagnosed with MD in 2003. It has been hard raising 5 kids but I did. They are all grown and out on their own. But I had a very hard time, and my kids took advantage of my sight loss during their adolescent years and got into a lot of trouble. I could do nothing to prevent them from acting stupid. But enlightened of that.

Laser treatments

I am alone now. My treatments started with laser which took even more of my sight than the MD did. I lost my license in 2008 and had to depend on others to get around (doctors, grocery store etc.). As the years have gone by I have lived alone my children don't visit and seldom visit. I have grandchildren I have never met.

I get so lonely sometimes

I take Eylea injections now for 6 years my eyes are stable. I have 20/300 vision and about a million spots.

I do okay but get so lonely sometimes. I am 66 years and don't plan on ever passing away I'm just going to keep fading away, no one will really miss me anyway.

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