Legally Blind?

My internationally renowned ophthalmologist told me I would go blind, and there was no cure--but possibly slowing that. My retina specialist was the regional director for Lucentis. He didn't promise anything, but I had seen both of my parents classified as "legally blind" from double wet-AMD. They couldn't read, they couldn't dial menus on phones; they couldn't make out much on TV, etc., etc.

Responding quickly to treatment

I got three injections after I was classified worse than 20/20; and as a fast responder, I was on TV on June 30, 2006 when the FDA approved Lucentis for official treatment for wet-AMD. One of my sons went to an eye specialist after that and mentioned his dad had wet-AMD. The "specialist," commiserated, "There's not much they can do for that." My son said, "Well, yes, there is!"

Avoid generalizations

I guess my point here is to avoid categorical statements whether it says you won't go blind or the degree of blindness. But optimism and hope for invaluable as new discoveries come about all the time. And in my own lifetime, I see well in both eyes and read and see TV and pursue my profession as a professional writer.

That's 16 years after my first injection. Well, I've written reams on my story and served as a "patient information" ambassador to just share anecdotally what I have experienced. So maybe this is enough of my story for now.

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