Injection Caused Blindness

I am grateful for all the stories that are shared on this website. I long to learn from others with similar experiences that AMD has created.

Developing a serious eye infection

I willingly have gone for my injections for years in hopes that I could hold off blindness for one more year, one more grandchild I want to read to. Four months ago after my injections, a serious eye infection developed 3 days later. Since it was a Sunday, my retinal specialist did not see me or order any treatment.

Lost my vision completely in one eye

The following day, I had surgery. I believe it was too little too late. I lost my vision completely in that eye. I am grateful that it was the eye that already had significant vision loss and not my "good eye." However, in hindsight (pun intended?) I question why I was getting injections in an eye that could only read the first line on an eye chart. There was no chance of improving vision. At least I had light in that eye and no pain.

Fear, pain, and worry

Now I have two serious problems. One is the fear to get injections in my good eye for fear of an infection and losing all sight. Or forgoing injections and allowing the AMD to progress quicker. The second is the incredible pain in the blind eye with no recommended solutions. The suggestion is that the eye may have to be removed to address the pain. No good solutions it seems. Just wanted to share and ask for any insight if you want to share.

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