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Seriously, Don't Talk To Me About Lemons

Although I had to leave my 40-year career as a professional photographic artist, I have managed to return to my first loves; music, and cooking.

New ways and new hobbies

I have begun repairing and fine-tuning my guitars. In fact, I have enjoyed this so much that I am planning to make at least one guitar and one Uke by hand!

Also discovered the magic of the standing mixer for kneading dough! And because I can use close-up glasses and such I am gardening again and eating my harvest in the food I cook.

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My life is nowhere near as exciting or active, (rock climbing), as it was OR I would be able to achieve again...bad eyesight and the outdoor life is precarious at best.

This is hard work

No more solo fishing trips, or driving or working. So no lemon to lemonade stories here...spare me. This is HARD WORK and it takes pioneer spirit and the strength of Celtic Grandmothers to get me thru this. Make no mistake your life has changed.

I had to get off my duff, pull up my big girl pants, and stiffen my SPINE.

This stinks but only as long as YOU decide how much LONGER it will stink for you.

Me year 6 me on Amtrak touring the Country on my own all alone

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