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Diagnosed Around 40, Now at 67 1/2 Years

My mom had dry MD. She was unable to drive, and used magnifying glasses to read, etc. I was diagnosed with dry around 40. Later, diagnosed with wet. Tried different shots, no help. Just kept progressing.

Rare missing gene

My brother's daughter who is now 50 has been dealing with the MD since her 20s, had so many shots and nothing seemed to help. She went to U of M doctors for help. My sister, 6 years younger, has been dealing with kidney failure for the last 20+ yrs, found out at U of M and Henry Ford Hosp. that she has a rare missing gene, same with my niece. She received a kidney and is doing well, and my niece was told to stop the shots.

Testing genes for a missing chromosome

I guess it's best if none of the shots work, ask about getting your genes tested for a missing chromosome. Not sure what they are doing for the MD. My sister was the first person to be treated for the missing chromosome in the US. Hoping great things for my niece.

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