Where I Am After 6 Months

I noticed one morning in June I was having trouble reading the paper. Something looked off.

I got my first shot that day

I went that day to the eye doctor. They made an appointment for two weeks later. It kept getting worse. By the time I got to the doctor, he sent me to the retinal doctor. I got my first shot that day.

Wet and dry AMD

I have wet in the right and dry in the left. My second shot didn't go well. I moved slightly and the doctor put a hole in my retina. Had to freeze it. Scary and a little painful but it didn't change my sight.

The future is scary

The shots have made a big difference. Mostly I see like I used to. It is scary to think of the future. I won't let it stop me and will continue to research to stay up to date. It is a comfort to read others' stories. Thanks.

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