Dry to Wet Macular Degeneration

While reading my morning newspaper on Labor Day 2015, I noticed wavy lines. First appointment next day with an ophthalmologist who diagnosed wet AMD.

Retinal specialist was not compassionate

I had to see staff retinal specialist the next day who would not let me leave the office without a shot. Scared! He was not compassionate at all and would not give me a preferred medicine for Wet AMD but an off-label medicine Avastin.

I called another doctor

He explained that the office could not reach my insurance company for authorization of such Lucentis or Eyelea. Ugh! He explained even though Avastin was developed for treating cancers, it has shown effective for wet AMD. My legs went wobbly. The next day, I called for an appointment with a group associated with Wills Eye Hospital (Philly).

I never went back to that ophthalmology group.

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