I had both parents with dry macular degeneration that never really progressed. My father lived until he was 96, and my mother 108!

Diagnosed with dry AMD

I was diagnosed with the dry form of macular degeneration about ten years ago, but wasn't really overly concerned due to my parents' history. I did use Macuhealth vitamins and looked infrequently at the Amsler grid.

Progessed to intermediate & advanced dry

Last February I noticed distorted vision in my right vision while on vacation. My optometrist found a retinal specialist for me to see. He did tests and told me I still have dry form in both eyes; advanced in the right and intermediate in the left.

Frightened of progression

I now take Preservision + vitamins plus other supplements. I feel upset that I didn't take my diagnosis 10 years ago more seriously, but don't if there is anything I could have done differently. I am now very frightened that my right eye will deteriorate further to the wet form and that my left eye will lose vision as well.

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