Family Affair

My family is full of blind or half-blind people because of macular degeneration – for generations back.

Felt a little guilty about my perfect eyesight

My mom and two of my siblings have been blind from 40 years of age. I was so thankful but felt a little guilty that I had been blessed with perfect eyesight all my life. As a professional artist for 50 years I had excellent awareness of color and design.

Rudely awakened with wet AMD

Then about two years ago I had a rude awakening as I developed dry macular and later had wet macular in my right, dominant eye. Also my color perception was altered and some colors are weaker. This just throws my painting out of whack something fierce. Now I have no depth perception because of the right, blind eye.

Painting was my living and my life

I do thank God that I can see in my left eye (pretty well) but painting was my only way to make a living (and my life) and my retirement is very small. Sorry for whining but it makes me feel better just to say all of this.

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