Blurry Vision, Spots, and Crazy Lines

Last updated: June 2020

In December 2008 I noticed my vision was more blurry than normal. Thought it was due to being around my uncle's chain-smoking and my allergies were the cause.

Alarmed by my eye exam

Fast forward to the 2nd week of January 2009. I go get my eye doctor to check my vision. Alarmed at what the exam showed and he saw, he got on the phone and make an appointment with the retina specialist in 3 days.

The scariest day of my life

That was the scariest day in my life. I spent five hours there. I had no idea what was happening 95% of the time. Then out of nowhere came a shot in my eye, followed by another. I could barely see after that. An hour later my vision was almost perfect.

A series of shots

I had a series of 4 shots. That was my left eye. It was always my weaker eye. After 5 or 6 years it got my other eye. I've had several shots in each eye now but my last was in December 2017. My eyes have been stable pretty much since then.

Taking care of my eye health

I developed glaucoma now. So I'm dealing with 2 different doctors. Checking the Amsler grid often and eating foods that help my eye health. I'll be 66 in September so this has been a challenge since 2009. Never give up hope. On a side note, I have had several head injuries since 2006 which also affect how I see. Plus I have had migraines since I was 8. It's an adjustment we must make to continue to see.

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