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Last updated: October 2022

I have had macular degeneration for 6 years and been treated with injections in both eyes for 5 of them.

A year ago I went completely blind with cataracts, they were remove the same year. I then was diagnosed with scoliosis, very painful and nothing to be done about it except painkillers. 20 years ago I stopped smoking as I had been diagnosed with COPD.

MD hardest condition to accept

Of all my ailments, MD is the most difficult to accept, not for myself but for my partner. Having lived without sight for six months because of cataracts, it no longer holds any fear for me, but my husband finds it hard to imagine how we can manage as he himself is not well.

It could be worse for me

For me life is good! I enjoy my garden and have just come back from a holiday in Devon, and we go to Canada to see our son in September. I never dwell on my ailments, it could all be worse, I could be dead!

I wake every day grateful to be alive, and to have my sight and am even more cheerful when the painkillers go down with a lovely cup of tea!

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