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The Eyes Are the Windows to the Soul

Who said it?

The source of this quote is often attributed to Shakespeare, Da Vinci, the philosopher Cicero, or even the Bible. No matter what brilliant person said it, the sentiments are so brilliantly clear. These eyes of ours really have a lot to say. Our view through these eyes takes in so much more than you can even know.


If you have ever watched a baby as they peer up into your face, you know. They are searching to make that connection, to truly look into your eyes and see the person holding them. The person that is talking to them, the one engaging their complete attention.

As they grow older, they begin to even recognize “their people”. Smiles of glee fill their face when they know it is you. The power of eyes working at such an early age, trying to capture all they can.

Growing up

It does not take long to figure out just what these eyes are capable of doing. In watching as that guilty look peers out at you, silently acknowledging when that child did something wrong. Or the complete smile that lights up the eyes with happiness as you return to a loved one.

There’s the tender look of love as the bride and groom solemnly profess their love for one another, the eyes brimming with tears of joy. The sadness shown as one gazes tenderly, honoring the end of another person's days. Our eyes can tell the whole story.

Through the years

Individuals learn early how to use their powers of observation. It is by looking that we are constantly surveying our surroundings. By observing, you can learn so much. It is by seeing, whether it is a kindly smile from a caregiver or a flash of anger in a confrontation. Our eyes lead the way, letting you know which course of action is needed.

These same eyes also, are the path to our inner self, our soul. As we let people into our daily lives, the interaction between them is felt first in the acknowledging of each other, seeing how they see us. I do not have a sign up on my face that says my eyes are dealing with macular degeneration (MD), it is not obvious to the casual observer.

Their glance at me is different from how I understand myself. To them, their one look of me is all that I am, and nothing more.

These eyes are windows into me. I am my husband’s wife, my children’s mother, my mother’s daughter, my nieces and nephews’ aunt, sister and friend. My whole person is tied up in one body. One body whose eyes are a challenge, a medical trial, and most of all, an integral part of my world.

Window into my soul

Whether I can see clearly with myopic macular degeneration or not, these eyes of mine hold emotions and thoughts. So please keep looking. I am here and see you. One way or another.

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