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Summer Daze

Last updated: June 2022

“Geez, it’s hot.”

This sentence seems to be the opening statement, no matter where I go these days. “Sure is hot out there.” “Have you seen the temperature today?” “You will not believe what the temperature feels like today.” Yes, no doubt about it, it sure is hot.

Actually, I think this happens every summer. It is a surprise at times, my memory blocks out the previous year’s weather and goes into complete shock when the mercury rises to such extremes, again. Year after year the summer heat makes its appearance and catches me off guard.

My method of coping is relatively simple. I avoid being out in the elements as much as possible. Our home is wonderfully air-conditioned and I thoroughly enjoy the pleasant coolness that surrounds me. The SUV I drive also is outfitted with this lovely air conditioning, making the driving I need to do enjoyable as well, and making me so grateful for modern technology.

Positive side of Summer with AMD

On a more positive note, I have to say I do love summer as it affords us so many hours of daylight. Lately, the sun has been setting about 8:30 in the evening, giving a full day of brightness. This brightness gives me such a happy feeling, giving a clear backdrop to my art-creating world. With macular degeneration, there are times when the swarmy smear of my vision really struggles.

It is when the bright sun comes through my windows that I can see so much more clearly.

Creating the latest art project truly comes together when the natural light of day shines in my workroom. With this daylight, I am able to capture the lines and colors needed. Summer light is a bonus. Working with natural light streaming through the window enables me to almost forget my degeneration struggles. So Summer has some good attributes I would say.

The hazy daze

Summer sunshine is funny at times. Shining so brightly, toasting our world to almost unbearable degrees, covering home gardens with its warmth, promoting crops of tomatoes and zucchinis all around. The heat created by its rays, entices frisky puppies to roll around in the hot mowed grass. The sun’s rays catch the summertime tree leaves, giving just a little more time to see the green in their foliage.

As the day begins to wind down, there is often a haze off in the distance. You can almost feel its waning warmth reflecting off of the horizon. This haze softens the edges of the skyline, a sure sign of the winding down of summer.

I will hold onto the brightness of that sun for as long as it is around, appreciating the window of brightness it gives me as I work diligently in my workroom. Yes, these Summer Daze are coming to an end soon. I will enjoy it comfortably from my air-conditioned space, happy to be able to see what I can see on these bright summer days.

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