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It's Time To Start Emptying Your Bucket!

Last updated: June 2022

This has been my lecture to myself lately:

“What’s on your bucket list that you haven’t yet done? Instead of thinking of all the reasons you can’t do something, maybe it’s time to think outside the box of ways you can make it happen.” 

Maybe you, too, are reluctant to move forward following a diagnosis of macular degeneration (MD). Yet, I don’t want to have regrets. I still have a life to live – a very good life – and my bucket is still full!

What excuses are you making?

Unexpected health challenges can put a damper on plans and disrupt emptying our bucket of all those things we still want to do. And then we think of more excuses why we shouldn’t do something.

For me, I want to travel more. There are still places I want to go and things I want to see. It feels even more urgent now as my dry MD has progressed to the intermediate stage.

How much longer will I be able to enjoy the sites? How much longer will I allow other factors to hold me back?

Traveling safely with macular degeneration

There was a time I considered myself fiercely independent. For most of my young adult life, I was a hardworking, single parent who seldom asked for or received help. It made me strong and resilient, a characteristic in my daughter as well. My young daughter and I took vacations and traveled alone without thinking much about it.

However, the time has come to ALLOW others to help AND to accept that I don’t have to do EVERYTHING myself anymore. It’s become more challenging as my vision deteriorates. But there are ways I can still travel safely.

How traveling has changed for me

Instead of venturing out on my own, I seldom travel alone anymore. I wanted to visit my sister’s new home in Arkansas so instead of traveling alone, I am flying with another sister and her husband. This feels so much more comfortable and I am eagerly anticipating the trip.

Another big change for me is eliminating the independent trips I use to plan. Instead, now I look strictly for guided tours where you are with a group and your itinerary is planned. That also gives me the comfort of knowing if anything goes wrong, I will be taken care of and not left to my own devices.

Granted, you may pay a little more but the peace of mind you have is far more valuable than saving a few dollars. I have learned this the hard way!

My macular degeneration bucket list

This Fall, I hope to visit Gatlinburg on a guided tour. Everything is set up for us - the tour bus, hotel, dinners, and shows. I haven’t been there for over 25 years so I’m looking forward to seeing what has changed and sharing it with fellow travelers.

This time, the only thing that will stop me is if they can’t find a room for me since I waited too long to make a reservation. I need to quit stalling and just pull the trigger! Granted, it’s a different way to travel but I can - and WILL - make this needed transition in order to travel more. . . WITH NO REGRETS!

Don’t wait - Do it now!

Maybe you, too, are putting off something you want to do – Is it travel? Starting a new hobby? Joining a new group? Visiting a friend?

Whatever it is, don’t wait any longer. There are ways we can meet the vision challenges we have and continue to live a rich, fulfilling life. It may look different than planned but often still very possible. The time to start emptying our buckets is NOW.

Let’s GO! Comment below what you’ll be doing next on YOUR bucket list! 

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