'Tis the (Pandemic) Season

Somehow time has sped forward at an impossible rate of speed. I know we have all said it, how can nine months have slipped away with COVID-19 hanging over our heads constantly. This new life of social distancing, mask-wearing, and almost obsessive hand washing has almost become “normal". Almost.


Through it all, we have tried manage our lives to the best of our ability. We have carefully been planning outings, weighing the possibility of actually eating out in a restaurant against just bringing the goods home and enjoying it there safely. Visiting each other at a distance, missing close contact with precious family members or even enjoying a “Zoom” visit to help endure this difficult time. Yes, we’ve managed as best we can.


The challenges become even more apparent when we have to actually get out and go to those appointments that really do make a huge difference in your eye health. So we mask up, we wash up and off we go, jumping out into the vast expanse of the outside world. This is where the specialist are, this is where we go. Personally, I am more than thankful they are available for us.

The worry

With each and every retinal specialist appointment brings the same worry, at least for me. So many questions that swirl through my mind, constantly.

Any drastic changes in my vision? Will any new bleeds be found? Will the “good” eye still be good? Will this degeneration eventually completely win? On a constant loop, all these worries tumble around in my mind as I revisit this specialist office every six weeks. Just adding another level of worry during this already worrisome year.


At some of these visits you get lucky, your eyes have stabilized. No new bleeds, no dried debris, all to say no shot this time. Like a prized blessing, the words from the specialist’s mouth tells you “all is well”.

Go and enjoy your new lease on life until we see you again. Just another short six weeks away. Or your visit takes a different turn. Your vision has clearly deteriorated, the scan shows a new bleed, and there’s debris that’s needs tended too. In other words, it’s time for another injection. In this busy brain of mine, I hear this news with a bit of sigh, I shrug of my shoulders and the realization that it is what it is.

The season

COVID-19 has become a “season” of sorts, tracking an illness that has completely rocked not only our country, but our world. Far and wide, the affects are being felt by many. Families having to struggle through health and economic challenges, relying on new and often confusing medical research to guide us towards to a safer and healthier world.

Just like the infectious disease specialist, our retinal specialist also work towards this same, healthier goal. Families also face challenges as myopic macular degeneration creates its own turmoil in our everyday world. So in this season of COVID-19 and macular degeneration I truly hope that there will come a time when our world will SEE a healthy new day.

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