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Expanding Our Horizons With Chronic Health Conditions

Last updated: August 2021

Living a good life with macular degeneration (or any other health challenge) can bring up some questions!

Is your life on hold?

Ask yourself: Is your life on hold because you have macular degeneration (MD)? Are you limiting your options more than necessary? Has your quality of life declined dramatically since your diagnosis?

I recently had an experience that helped change my perspective, encourage me to lighten up a bit, and move forward in spite of my MD diagnosis nine years ago.

Saying goodbye to old doubts

My faithful, dependable Toyota Prius was nearly 15 years old. She had a few dents and wrinkles (like her owner), but she never let me down, and I loved the fact she was a Hybrid, environmentally friendly, with great gas mileage.

However, for the last couple of years, my spouse has been suggesting I buy a new car. It seems he was concerned about the reliability of my car when I drove 90 minutes on the freeway to visit my daughter and grandkids. When I read the average battery life is 12 - 16 years for a  Prius, I started thinking about replacing my old car. One thing held me back.

What if my doctor says I cannot drive anymore?

Every six months, I fear my doctor will say I can no longer drive. I’ve already made adjustments, like not driving at night and limiting driving in unfamiliar places that may require reading addresses or small signs.

So far, my vision has been fairly stable at 20/40, and I can still drive, but what if? I’m tired of “What if-ing” myself! It kept me from buying a new car for years until...

What if my doctor says I CAN drive?

Yep, that’s what he said, again. So, I continue to drive! In fact, he said I might be able to drive another four or five years. Then I found another hybrid model at a better price than a new Prius! That got my attention! Full speed ahead - I am (finally) the proud owner of a new Corolla Hybrid, and it’s RED, too - WHEEEE! Plus, it has many new safety features my older Prius did not have, which makes me feel safer and more confident. It was a good choice. And there are more adventures ahead!

Planning a trip to NYC

My BFF of 40+ years and I are planning a trip to New York. It helps that she has normal vision, and we absolutely love each other (she puts up with a lot from me!) - Perfect travel companions!

My spouse isn’t interested much in travel, but my BFF and I are totally into this adventure. How exciting to share this experience with a life-long friend. MD is not going to hold me back! Wait - There’s more good news.

Another update!

Another recent decision was to upgrade to a larger iPad Pro screen! I seldom read anything now that isn’t on my iPad. It is so easy to enlarge the print and change the contrast. In fact, my husband liked it so much, he got one, too, and we gave away our iMac desktop. It has really simplified our computer needs.

Anything that makes it easier to read gets high marks from me, plus I deserve it (so do you)!

Life isn't over because you have MD

We create our own experience. If we practice joy, acceptance, exuberance, and a positive outlook, that is what we will become experts in creating in our lives. The reverse is also true - If we practice complaining, negativity, and isolate ourselves, that is also the negative experience we will create. What you practice is what you will find!

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