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Is It Time To Visit a Low-Vision Center?

When a friend with macular degeneration told me she had an appointment at a Low-Vision Center (LVC), I was curious and followed up with her afterward to see what she thought. She was quite pleased. It made me wonder whether or not it might also benefit me... Or you!

Get curious and check things out

Maybe you’ve wondered if you’re aware of all the tools at your disposal or enhancements that might make living with macular degeneration a little less challenging. Asking questions and doing your own research is a great place to start.

What better person to ask than someone who has experienced what you’re considering? It’s all part of the “information gathering” process that helps you make the best decision. But where do you begin?

Start a conversation with...

Start almost anywhere – possibly right here on the website or have a chat at your next doctor’s appointment. Do you know someone with vision challenges who has been to an LVC? How about meeting with a friend, neighbor, or family member who is familiar?

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However, there are some places where you might not want to go such as websites or social media with alternative motives, like selling you a “cure” or miraculous eye vitamins for macular degeneration – There is no cure, at least not yet. By all means, do start a conversation but be very careful that it’s a legitimate, reliable source.

When SHOULD one consider an LVC?

First of all, let’s stop “shoulding” all over ourselves! The best time isn’t so much when you SHOULD go but how comfortable you are with the idea and how you might benefit, especially if your Retina Specialist thinks a low-vision center is a good idea.

After being diagnosed with dry macular degeneration over 5 years ago, my friend was challenged with intermediate in one eye and the advanced stage in the other. She was curious if there were other tools she was unaware of that might make her life more manageable. She is active in her community, lives alone and likes to travel.

Her goal is to continue living a productive and enjoyable life. She was ready to take this important next step and discussed it with her doctor, who was fully supportive – green light! But maybe you have a yellow light and are still very cautious.

For the fence sitters

One day it may sound like a good idea but the next day, maybe not so much. What’s a person to do? That’s when having conversations with your doctor, with someone at a LVC, and a patient who has been to a LVC can be very helpful.

Get answers to your questions, such as whether or not your health insurance will pay and what kind of services and/or tools are offered at a LVC nearby. Is it what you were expecting? Go to their website and do your research. Find out exactly what’s in it for you before you act so there aren’t any regrets. You owe it to yourself.

Then, let us know on this website and help others who are also curious, a win-win!

Make a decision

Timing is everything and if the time isn’t right today, it’s fine – sometimes even advisable – to delay making a decision about a low-vision center. Maybe your vision isn’t at the point where you feel special tools or devices are warranted. Or maybe you’re just not comfortable with the idea.

But the most important thing is to be honest with yourself about your decision. Is fear holding you back? (False Evidence Appearing Real)? Have you carefully weighed your options and feel confident about your decision, whatever that may be? THEN GO FOR IT!

Please let us know what you decided about a LVC. We would love hearing from you!

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