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Simple Vision Enhancements for Your Home

Linda Hoopes, a Patient Leader for, shares her favorite products for making daily routines like reading and grooming easier with macular degeneration. The devices described are demonstrated in the video below.

5 helpful products for macular degeneration

1. MagniPros Lighted Magnifier

Keep a lighted magnifier within easy reach of where you read the most. This hand-held magnifier is perfect to enlarge the print on short articles with a light that adjusts to whatever brightness you need.

2. Daylight 24 Lighted Full-Page Magnifier

For larger, full-page articles, this floor lamp can be conveniently positioned beside a reading chair to pull down anytime it’s needed. It can be used with or without the light. Besides reading, it would also be useful for close-up work such as crafts or sewing. 

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3. iPad Pro

The iPad Pro is one of the largest screens you can get on a tablet and most screens can be easily magnified simply by spreading your fingers. There are also various settings you can adjust for brightness and font size.

4. Swing Away Wall Mounted Mirror

A wall-mounted, swing-away mirror in the bathroom is the perfect solution for grooming. When not in use, it folds flat to the wall. It is a regular mirror on one side and flips to a magnified mirror on the other side. These handy mirrors can be found online or in most retail stores that offer bathroom mirrors.

5. Studio M Pro Lighted Magnification Mirror

Perfect for travel, this mirror folds flat and takes up little space. It is lighted, battery-operated, and has 2 sides, one that has 3x magnification. It has a circular design, 5.5 inches. The only regret is that it’s small. A larger size might be more functional. Many retail stores carry similar mirrors.

What simple tips to improve your vision do you use at home? How have you enhanced your vision with creative strategies for routine tasks? Think of changes you have found helpful around the house and share them in the comments below!


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