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The year I was diagnosed with myopic macular degeneration was 2019. Through a routine eye exam, this journey started. After carefully examining my eyes, my optometrist strongly advised that I see a Retinal Specialist as soon as possible and I did.

Early days

It was this Specialist that worked with me through the early days of my diagnosis. Carefully explaining the situation so that I understood what was going on. Through this explanation, I learned of the injections that could and would potentially help and eventually stop the damaging leakage in my eye.

Step by step he walked and talked me through this process, gaining my trust along the way. This Specialist has been with me all the way. Reassuring me in the early days of the potential outcome, the leakage would stop, and the damage would stop.

Thankful to say he has been right. There is still non-reversible damage from the early days of leaking but no further deterioration since then.


Time has moved on. Fortunately, I am now able to go 5 months before I need another check-in with the Retinal Specialist.

Of course, I constantly recheck my eyes with the Amsler grid and random eye checks throughout the day. I am always striving to reassure myself that everything looks the same. Thankfully I can say this is true.

A random call

Just the other day, while out to lunch with family members I received a phone call. Normally I would ignore the phone while enjoying family time but I noticed who it was from a quick glance at my phone.

It was the Retinal Specialist’s office. I know I am months away from my visit so my interest is piqued and I answer the call.

A rather timid voice phone began by announcing who and where she was calling from and “did I have a moment to talk”. Again, I am slightly concerned and assured her yes, I did. This is when she made her unanticipated announcement.

Regretfully she was informing me of some unpleasant news, my Retinal Specialist was retiring. Unfortunately, there was no one to take his place and I would need to find a new Specialist.


First reaction: Ugh. How dare he? Retire? Didn’t he know I needed him? Change is hard and scary and darn it anyway.

Second reaction: Congratulations. He deserves to retire (we have!). Best wishes to a happy retirement. Sorry to hear no one is available to step in. I have loved the technicians who work with him day in and day out.

She was able to share a few possible Specialists in our town and I thanked her for the information. I also wished her good luck making the many phone calls I am sure she was needing to do. I suppose I am fortunate, my next appointment is not until November, giving me plenty of time to gather information on my new Specialist in town.

New day

So as I look ahead to a new Specialist, I can only hope that I have the same positive experience I have had with these past 3 years. Change is hard but I got this.

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