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Macular Degeneration Awareness Month 2022

February has arrived, and that means it is Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) and Low Vision Awareness Month! Lots in our lives have been put on pause or gone dark, but the community is here to shed light on what brings us together and share support.

More than 196 million people are affected by macular degeneration (MD), many of whom are a part of this vibrant community. We know that MD can cause colors to become duller, light to become dimmer, and it can maybe even make things feel less vibrant. That is why this awareness month, we have chosen the theme Finding the Inner Light. We want to focus on what those with macular degeneration are still capable of, despite it all.

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What brings our community light?

Jamie, community member

"[I can still enjoy] reading, thanks to the large font on my Kindle. And I can still crochet and paint canvasses and some general crafts. I can't cross-stitch, embroider paint ceramics or sew anymore. I just learned some new crafts I can do instead!"

Pat, community member

"Doing things with my family. Playing games on my laptop. I'm so thankful my left eye is 20/25."

Janet, community member

"To read, watch TV, garden, and work from home as medical transcriptionist."

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How to stay optimistic?

Sue, advocate

"Coming to life with the attitude that you don’t know until you try is a valuable way to approach things. Having no preconceived ideas of what you are capable or alternately incapable of doing allows you to get out there and try without reservation."

Sharon, advocate

"It took some time, but slowly I regained my natural optimism. I once again began to count my blessings. It turns out that being thankful is good for your health. Studies show that as we spend time thinking about all the things we are thankful for, we experience fewer aches and pains."1

Richard, advocate

"I truly believe our online interactions can minimize feelings of sadness, loss, and depression. Not to mention being our go-to for learning and sharing about our shared plight with eye disease. This is a virtual support community that expands my connection to others, and I value it greatly."

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One of the best ways we can spread awareness about macular degeneration is by sharing our stories with each other. We want to hear from you so we can help others feel less alone. How are you feeling? What keeps you feeling inspired? What has felt difficult for you?

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