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I’m wondering if others scheduled for injections during this pandemic are able to receive them?

I got my last injection in early March. After 3 years of treatment, I am on an every 4 month schedule.

  1. Hi , thanks so much for reaching out with this great question as it's top of mind for many of our community members right now. I know a couple of our advocates have been working with their doctors and going in for treatment with many precautions in place. You can read one of our advocate's thoughts here – (We'll be posting part 2 tomorrow of this article tomorrow!)

    I hope others will weigh in and share their thoughts and experiences with you. I also recommend contacting your doctor's office to get their advice and discover what safety protocols and precautions are in place.

    We hope you'll keep us posted, and thank you again for reaching out to the community!
    - Shelby, Team Member

    1. Hi Karenmason52, I just wanted to share that my RS is still giving injections and I am very glad he is. There are many protocols in place to keep us (and them) safe. I was informed of a time change for my appointment and told to call from my car when I arrived. I was encouraged to wear a face mask and to inform them if I had any symptoms. I was told to wait in my car until they called, when they me to come in, the waiting room was empty and they took my temp with one of those no-touch thermometer guns off my forehead. There was no one in the waiting room! They did an OCT scan and then I was led to the exam room. (no dilation...yay!), the tech had me read the eye chart and put in some drops and checked my eye pressure. Soon thereafter the doctor came in and gave me the injection. They were all masked and gloves and assured me everything was sterilized after each patient. I was in and out in 30 minutes. It’s so important to continue our treatment, and it’s totally appropriate to call in advance to check on what to expect. Reach out if you have any questions and check in after your visit to share your experience if you would like to. Wishing you well. Richard- team member.

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