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Asking for Help

Do you find it easy to ask for help/assistance for things that may not be as easy for you as they used to be? If so, please share what your experience has been like.

  1. I don't find it easy to ask for help at any time. I hate to bother other people - I always have. When the time comes that I need assistance I'll have to work out how to ask. That's why I try to plan ahead with things like technology and transport so that I will be able to cope for longer. Wendy, Advocate.

    1. I completely understand how asking for help is difficult, especially for things and tasks that you once had full autonomy and capability to do on your own! You're definitely not alone in feeling this. Thank you so much for courageously sharing this with us. Best, Abby (Team Member).

  2. So far I only need to ask for help with driving. I can drive locally okay but I need a driver when necessary to drive In large towns or unfamiliar areas. I am blessed to have my daughter and brother always willing to help me. Our family is very close and we help each other. It might be hard for me to ask a friend for help. Sharon Moore advocate

    1. Having family to help in challenging times is such a blessing! I can understand how it almost feels easier to ask family for help, knowing that they have been familiar with your condition and challenges for longer than anyone else may. Thank you for sharing. All my best, Abby (Team Member).

  3. I mostly need help with transportation for injection appointments and activities that extend past sundown. I do have family members who will help and they have never complained, but still, I worry about burdening them. I have always been so independent, and have always gone out of my way to help others but receiving is so much harder than giving. I worry that they might actually resent my requests and are simply not telling me.

    1. thank you for sharing your thoughts with our Community. I don't drive after dark now, so I know how you feel about that. I joined Uber and have had success with them for a few rides. I've asked friends for rides to serious medical appointments and I'm sure they didn't mind, but it wasn't ongoing like injections. You sound like a very kind, perceptive and thoughtful person to me, so I bet your family and friends are just happy to have you in their lives. Warm wishes to you, Wendy, Advocate.

  4. So far, I haven't had to ask for help much (except for eye appointments, which my husband drives to) but the time is coming. I know that. I am reluctant to ask, but.... I have helped others in the past, so maybe I can ask with that in mind?

    1. that sounds more than reasonable to me! I think most people would be happy to reciprocate. Many people like to feel they can be of assistance to others. Best wishes, Wendy, Advocate.

    2. I love your outlook on this! I agree with and think that most people in your life (especially that you have helped in the past) would be happy to help you out, knowing the progression of your condition. Vulnerability can be scary, but it truly is a strength and can bring people closer together in the end. Wishing you all the best. Thank you for being a part of this community. - Abby, Team Member.

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