Up Close & Personal: An Interview With Barb Manley

Last updated: July 2022

Barbara (Barb) Manley had been a successful yoga instructor with a large following for many years when she was diagnosed with both wet and dry macular degeneration (AMD) over 5 years ago.

She already practiced a healthy lifestyle that included supplements and vitamins but was initially unprepared for the limitations that came with AMD. However, she continued working by thinking outside the box. She still continues today with her passion for teaching yoga. Barb shares her experience in this brief video.

'Up Close & Personal' is a video series hosted by Linda Hoopes, Patient Leader and Team Member with maculardegeneration.net, interviewing people living with macular degeneration. Each person interviewed has a unique story to tell and joins Linda in “paying it forward” to inspire and encourage others with AMD. Stay tuned for future video interviews.


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