How to Watch Movies with Audio Descriptors

Starting out as an interesting morning. My wireless mouse is “dead”, out of electricity. Note to self - and all you folks out there in HU land - how about charging the cursed thing once in a while?!?! They really work better when they have power. Amazing, but true.

What is Spectrum Access?

Anyway, while I am waiting for my desktop computer to be ready to work, I have a little time for a page. Recently Be My Eyes sent me an email about Spectrum Access. Spectrum Access is a free app for users of Apple products. Sorry, all you Android platform folks. Your app is still in development.

What does Spectrum Access do?

It is an audio description app. I have written about audio description before, but to keep you from searching for the page, I will review.

Audio description and movies for the visually impairedAudio description is to the visually impaired pretty much what closed caption is to the hearing impaired. You know all those silent, suspenseful moments when you have no clue what is going on on the screen? Those times you ask what is going on and everyone else shush you for distracting from the show? Audio description tells you what is happening!Many DVDs have a hidden tract that is audio description. It is supposed to be a special feature on the languages menu. Am I sure of this? No. Technology is not my forte. Remember, I forgot to charge my mouse.Using the Spectrum Acces AppAnyway, Spectrum Access is a free, easily downloadable app from the App Store. I downloaded the app and was greeted with a whole list of about 400 movies. (Be My Eyes assures us that number is growing daily).Watching movies with visual impairmentsPersonal audio descriptions: a pro or a con?Since I do just about all of my tv watching on my iPad, I think it would be nice if it would give me audio description for the action on my little screen. Unfortunately, it does not work that way. You have to have two devices. Of course, maybe that is a good thing. This way I could potentially put in my AirPods and be the only one listening to the audio description. I imagine it could be a little distracting for those folks who can see well.I also imagine audio description might be good for limiting some family stress. I remember watching television with my father who also had a vision impairment. Half of the time I could have sworn we had watched different shows together! The latest technologySo, that seems to be the latest, cool, new doohickey coming down the pike for us visually impaired types. If I can ever commandeer the tv for something other than sports, I will try it. And in the meantime? I need to see if my mouse has charged. Catch ya later!

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