How I Deal With My Wet Macular Degeneration Injection

I have been identified in my 20s as having dry macular degeneration. In my 40s my left eye turned from dry to wet and I needed injections. I am fortunate in that my eye responds to the least expensive therapy of Avastin.

Changes in treatment and maintenance

However, as my doctor tried to lengthen the amount of time between injections, once my condition was "stabilized," it returned and I had to start all over again receiving frequent testing and injections.

After the past few years, my Retina Specialist and I discussed stopping the treatment again since I was "stabilized." However, we came to the understanding that it could reoccur and do more damage to my left eye. So, I am considered to be on maintenance therapy, receiving an Avastin eye injection every 3 months.

Tips for injections

One thing I found out is that as a patient know one knows your "pain" of getting an eye injection. I found out that I could ask for extra "numbing" of my eye so I didn't feel the pressure at the time of injection. Also, I always ask for an eye patch to be put over my eye because brightness and blurriness are problems after the injection. It comes off when I am home.

I hope that these 2 suggestions may help you or your loved one who has wet macular degeneration. Also, I hope that you have hope when you see how long I have dealt with this condition and has saved my eyesight.

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