One Year With Wet AMD

Last updated: September 2022

I've been getting injections for over a year now.

The last time, they were very uncomfortable for me. I live 18 miles from my doctor and the ride home was a bit uncomfortable last time. But it usually is.

Following up with my doctor

The doctor put a tiny amount of gel in my eyes, and then when he was done with my shots, rinsed both eyes out. When I got home, my eyes started to burn and it made my eyes very blurry, enough that I had trouble seeing. Then the pain got worse, so bad that I had to call my doctor who wasn't in the office anymore. He travels from one office to another. It is a big corporation and they have several doctors that travel from each office to the next one. So he's only in our office one time a week.

Traveling far isn't realistic

Well, he wanted me to travel 95 miles so that he could see my eyes himself. There was no way that I could do the traveling. I had no one to drive me! Anyway, he told me a couple of things to do meantime, to see if they helped. This was on a Thursday that I had my shots. The blurriness and most of the pain didn't ease up until Saturday morning.

I also have chronic dry eye, so my eyes have been watering a little more. I have a bit of pain in my left eye that comes and goes, but it isn't really bad.

I don't blame my doctor

I go back to my doctor for my next injections in two weeks. If I wasn't afraid of losing my sight completely, this reaction has made me not want to go back to my doctor again. I'm not blaming my doctor for this reaction, because this has never happened before.

I think I'm just blaming the process of the injections! ❤

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