Thought I Had Escaped!

Last updated: March 2022

My father had dry macular degeneration by the time he was 68. That progressed to wet macular degeneration by the time he was 70 and at 72 years of age he was blind.

Unexpected diagnosis

He had become so depressed and didn’t even want to go anywhere. He told me that it frightened him to ride in a vehicle as he had no sense of balance and of course there was no visual pleasure. At the age of 70 I thought I had been able to slide past the ailment! Well, no such luck as I was just diagnosed with AMD at the age of 73.

But, I am determined to learn any skills and how to use any assistive devices that will make my life easier as I grow older, with the possibility of loosing more eyesight as time advances.

Putting things to memory

I love the out doors, beautiful plants, blossoms, colors, etc. I’m going to make myself a picture memory book of all my favorite things and of course grand & great grandchildren’s pictures. I'm going to sit and look at the pictures daily and put them to memory. I’m going to learn Braille and label the pictures so even though I may not be able to completely see the pictures I will know by memory who and what they are and I will rejoice in them!

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