Successful Treatment With Wet AMD

Last updated: March 2022

1998 - My optometrist sent me to an ophthalmologist.


He diagnosed me with dry AMD & gave me a mix of what was in process to become PreserVision I. I began taking the OTC mix then.

In 2006, January, I was diagnosed with wet AMD and a prognosis of legal blindness in time but perhaps slowing it with a cold laser.


Before the cold laser could take place, I got into a study as a subject whose criteria I met at IIIb for Lucentis {ranibizumab] with TN Retina. In 3 months in 2006 and 3 Lucentis injections, I moved from legal blindness in my right eye to about 20/30-35.

In fact, I was on the local metro TV station with my regional retinal specialist of the Lucentis study on the day Lucentis got FDA approval, which was June 30, 2006. Today is March 2, 2022. After 16 years, I still get injections in my right eye [see fine in my left eye]; and my vision is approximately the same as in 2006 (or better).

A family history

Both of my parents were legally blind because of wet AMD in the last decades of their lives, but there was no cure or effective treatment. They both died back 5 to 20 years before Lucentis or other effective injection treatments could perhaps have helped both parents.

Life as a patient information ambassador

I have had a few injections with Eyelea. But, in 2007, I also became a Patient Information Ambassador for the drug company that produces Lucentis. I would tell my story; then a retinal specialist would speak. And a light-device representative would share helpful tools for vision enhancement for those who needed more light.

Today, I have more lights and powerful focuses and magnification than anyone could imagine to help me read small type on Rx bottles and to read the often small and dim type on the bottles. ~Johnnie Godwin

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