Routine Shots

Last updated: October 2022

I had trouble with wavy lines when I went to my eye doctor in 2015. I was told I had macular degeneration. My aunt had it so I was familiar with it and she was blind in one eye and had 10% vision in the other at the time. She had never taken shots.

Routine shots

I wasn’t thrilled but I had cataract surgery and a detached retina previously so I knew about eye problems. Since then I’ve had 43 shots. I expect to have them the rest of my life. I go in and an hour later I’m out after a shot. They are routine to me now.

I’m always asking about new treatments. I have tried a couple of different drugs. I am told there are new treatments that will last longer coming. I hope so.

Different vision

I have one good eye and the other is about 20:80. I cannot read with the bad eye which is wet MacD by the way. The good eye is about 20:25 so I am lucky. I hope my vision maintains and I just deal with it. You get used to it. Getting a shot is no big deal but I lose about a half a day before I am back to normal.

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