Changes Can Happen Quickly

I was diagnosed with wet macular degeneration in early January 2009. My left eye had a total of 3 injections of Avastin before my vision was restored. Off and on through 2017 I would have rounds of shots in one eye or another.

My vision was leaving me

In February 2017, I was out of state helping my youngest brother take care of our Dad who had dementia. Normally straight door frames were all wonky and broken. I told my brother my vision was leaving me. He agreed we needed to get me to my retina specialist. I called my other brother in another state and he took a leave of absence from his work to replace me helping. Then got his neighbors to come down in their vehicle to take me back to his house.

I said my goodbyes

From there my son would drive to bring me home and to my retina specialist the next day. I said my goodbyes to my Dad because I knew I'd never see him alive again. Told my brothers if they needed help I'd be back when I was able. So I got to my brother's house and my son arrived about 6 am the next morning. While I was getting my things ready for the trip home, my brother called to tell me our Dad had passed away. I came home for my shots. I took my last shot in December 2017.

Amsler grid to check vision

I've been incredibly blessed since. That is until July 26th, 2021 when I started having trouble seeing my desktop computer. So I immediately got my Amsler grid for my 2nd check of the day. Nothing stood out as wrong. The next day I was on my computer having more difficulty. So back to my Amsler grid. Oh my goodness my vision had tanked. The entire upper right quadrant was all wavy. Blurry, and warped. When I covered my right eye, I had a really dark gray spot in my central vision. It's back! I was worried to death because both retina specialists left earlier this year. Thankfully the ophthalmologist I was seeing for my glaucoma git me in on July 29th.

Appointments for eye injections

Yes, I had a hemorrhage. Yes, I needed a shot. Yes, he could do this. I was so relieved I nearly cried. He reviewed all my notes and we discussed prior injections. I was prepped and got my shot. He requested a follow-up in 4 to 6 weeks. I got a call from this office a week later to schedule. His day to do the shots was when I had planned on being out of town. After they confirmed with him, I have an appointment with his associate for September 2nd, 2021.

Avastin helped

I've had one shot of Avastin which restored a lot of my vision. It's been a slow process regaining my sight. I'm probably at 80 to 85% right now. Still can't see my computer or laptop screen clearly. I always check my vision on the Amsler grid. I had just got my new glasses a week before the changes.

Depth perception is a joke

Never will I get complacent with my eyes. I am eating healthier and walking and working out at the gym. Both are challenging because my depth perception is a joke. Major fall hazard. I faceplanted back in January 2018 and ended up with my 2nd traumatic brain injury. This time I gave myself a double concussion reinjured my old TBI too. That eventually has led to bad vertigo and an increase in my migraines.

Trying to do all I can

In 2020 I hit my head and knocked myself silly because I couldn't judge where my head was in relation to my brother's refrigerator freezer door. Had to sit with ice on my head for a while. Vertigo got worse. I was taking care of my brother who was recovering from a massive heart attack. Unfortunately, he passed away on March 12, 2021.

I'm trying to do all I can to keep my vision. I'm a ticking time bomb because of severe nearsightedness. I have to watch for signs of retina detachment too.

Life is fun. I have my challenges but I'm trying to live my best life.

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