Progressing MD & Lack Of Support

Last updated: March 2023

I have been diagnosed with dry AMD in 2018 and had no problems at all. However, the ophthalmologist neglected to tell me that AMD comes in three stages, the first stage 10 years without any problems, the medium stage when sight deteriorates, and I am at present at the medium stage.

Unfortunately, 2 years ago I decided to move from the country into the city for a life change not realizing that I am getting into the medium stage as I did have AMD since 2013 but was unfortunately not diagnosed at the time.

Having had lots of stress with moving, and many things happening, my eyes started to deteriorate quite badly, I now am terrified of driving as the glare of the sun and grey asphalt makes it quite hard to see. I can hardly see my food on the plate, and having visited a doctor again, all I got was "It will get worse."

I am taking MD tablets containing the required vitamins, but I seem to get worse despite a healthy lifestyle. Would I had been told that AMD goes in stages, I would have stayed in the country as life is obviously much easier. As I live on my own, with my little chihuahua, I am concerned about how much worse it will get and what to do. There is no support group here in Perth, WA.

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