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Persistent Wet AMD Injections

I’ve had 18 monthly injections so far. Avastin at first, followed by Eylea, and the last few have been Lucentis. The consultant said it’s particularly recalcitrant.

Different injection experiences

The senior nurse who administered the first few injections was excellent. After the first jab, I told her that I felt it, so she said she would give more anesthetic in the future. So now I don’t really feel anything. She used a drape.

On several occasions, subsequent doctors haven’t used that technique and that’s horrible because I see the syringe approaching. With the drape, I’m not aware of anything.

After the first injections, I would see small black spots like flies buzzing around for about 48 hours. But after the last few Lucentis injections, I’ve seen either a sequin-type spot or, more annoyingly, a solid round spot about half an inch in diameter lasting about 24 hours.

No more nerves

I don’t feel nervous anymore, there isn’t any pain or real discomfort. The wavy vertical lines have become much less noticeable so I hope my condition is becoming stable. My other eye has dry AMD so I buy eye supplements that I take every day.

I am in the U.K.

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