My Wet Macular Degeneration Journey

I've have had dry AMD for many years now, but this past February when I went for my checkup, the RS found an enlarged blood vessel and said I needed to start with the injections.

It was very painful which I believe was because of the betadine. I know I'm allergic to it. They won't use anything different but do wash my eye out afterward. The pain is severe for about an hour and a half after the injection, then it eases up.

Switching retina specialists

This doctor had given me two injections and both times I had a very bloody eye afterwards. The third time he said he'd try extra hard not to hit a vessel and it wasn't as red. However on the fourth one it was so bad my eye was bloody for almost two weeks. At that point I asked to be switched to another RS. There wasn't any redness with the one he did, however the pain from the betadine was terrible.

Has anyone had a similar experience?

Just wondered if anyone else has had a similar experience. My eye seems to have stabilized for now so I get a 10 week break before the next one. I appreciate this community and like reading others' stories.

It helps to know others are dealing with this. I don't get terribly stressed about the injections but I do take a Tramadol before going for my appointment.

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