My AMD Story

Last updated: June 2022

My mother was an oil painter, sewer, genealogist, dental nurse, and crystal collector. She was diagnosed at 40 and these things were given up one by one.

I have always expected that I may follow in her footsteps, but I have had excellent sight since I was 64. Now at 74, I have been diagnosed with dry AMD, but I have not seen a specialist yet.

I am a fine jewelry maker, so I am trying to do more while I can. I use every kind of light and magnification aid...just starting to plan. I already live in an assisted living facility in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, so some help with medications is available. I am going to research every manner of not asking for help, as there are some terrible examples in my building of drama queens who demand help when two others are nearby. I do not want that. I intend to stay giving and helpful.

I will be making plans to make jewelry, genealogy, sewing, and many others things.

I hope to meet other like-minded folks here.


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