A Life Without Tears

Last updated: March 2022

Yes, my eyes are frequently very dry and I have to get my tears from one of those little bottles. I really don't remember when I was diagnosed with macular degeneration, but I do remember I thought I was too young for this to be happening to me, so it was a very long time ago. And at that time I did shed several tears, as I was told that for my type of MD there is no treatment, but it would progress slower than the wet type.

Life goes on

Fortunately, my life has not been greatly hampered by the dark spot in my left eye, the floaters, and sometimes cloudy vision. I take my vitamins, read my books, spend too much time on the computer or Iphone, take watercolor painting lessons, and am the "designated driver" for myself and my disabled husband.

I am followed closely by my optometrist, ophthalmologist, retina specialist, and am aware my vision may eventually deteriorate, but as look forward to my 86th birthday this year I am so grateful for all the beautiful memories these dry eyes have given me.

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