Keep Hope Alive

Last updated: March 2022

My mom, age 88, has only peripheral vision in both eyes due to AMD and having taken a blood thinner that caused severe bleeds and scar tissue. When I was diagnosed right before Christmas at 67, I was devastated due to watching her struggle every day.

Renewed hope

I now have renewed hope! I contacted our state vocational services for the blind and elderly who have now provided a wonderful OCR machine that Mom and I are learning to use. She can now read her mail, do word searches, and even scan, record, and listen to her Bible.

As I was relaying this to Mom's retina specialist, he told me that the research is advancing in treating AMD with stem cells that can teach the body to heal our eyes.

Hope on the horizon

Wow, what wonderful things professionals and researchers are doing to provide new supports, treatments, and hope for those of us who have the AMD diagnosis!

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