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Just Keep Hoping...

I have had both wet and dry macular degeneration for a number of years (don't really remember how many!)

I've had injections for the wet AMD in my right eye, and it's holding its own so far. But my left eye is worse because of dry AMD, which has now progressed to geographic atrophy. I pray that my right eye holds on, and I also pray that something comes along from the current research to stop the GA in my left eye.

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I do my hobbies: I love to do puzzles, I love to read, I enjoy everything as I always have. I am about halfway through a ship model (complete with rigging, etc.), and I knit. I have a magnifier light to use when my regular glasses just aren't enough.

Stay positive, group! There is so much research, so many new things that are being studied! If not in my time, I hope my children will not have to go through AMD at all. (I'm 76.) (In passing, I wish my mother, who had wet AMD pre-anti-VEGF injections, had been as lucky as I am so far.)

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