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Last updated: August 2021

I am a 71-year-old female who noticed, about two years ago, the tell-tale signs of AMD: straight lines that are now wavy!

RS recommended a study

Living in Baltimore MD, home of the world-famous Wilmer Eye Institute at Johns Hopkins, I was lucky to get a quick appointment with a retina specialist. Sure enough, it was AMD. But here's the interesting part: He recommended that I talk to someone about a drug study for a new drug for my macular degeneration.

The details were interesting:

1. The treatment would involve monthly shots, with either the current standard drug or the experimental drug.

2. The drug study was in the third phase, almost ready for FDA approval for the open market.

3. I would be provided a ride to and from the JHU office downtown at no cost.

4. I would also be paid $100 for each visit.

So I signed up! I am now 3/4 through the two-year study and it's been very interesting indeed. Yes, the shots are very uncomfortable (actually they just hurt a moment, but the whole day and the next day, I'm pretty miserable.)

Future studies

I get top-drawer care and advice from world-renowned physicians. My vision has actually improved and worsened over the course of treatment, but I think I'm under the best possible care. I'm already signed up for the follow-up study.

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