Wet Macular Degeneration Eye Injections & Reactions

Last updated: September 2022

As of yesterday 8/30/22, I have had 8 injections.

Each time I suffer excruciating pain, to put it mildly. It makes me crazy and I would rate in a 10+ on the pain scale. At first, the doctor thought betadine and so did I and she reduced the amount she used. I did a little research and found or think I did, not the betadine but the Avastin so yesterday we tried Eylea.

I had high hopes, but no, still the same. I know all the questions that will be asked and will address the procedure, and yes all was done according to protocol. The washing of the eye before and after etc.

My RS is at the top of the practice and I have complete confidence in her. I just think I am one of the few that has reactions. The only thing that helps a little is pain pills, (prescribed by pain management), and I thank God I have those.

Today the eye is red and tender, but the pain is gone. I'm using eye drops often and also bacitracin ointment was applied before leaving the office and also at home. It was a little soothing but doesn't stop the pain.

Sharon Hume, Goodyear, AZ

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