Tools of Hope

Last updated: October 2021

The Weigel Williamson Vision Rehabilitation Center in Omaha, Nebraska has been a lifeline of hope for me.

Occupational therapy visits

As macular degeneration continues to limit my vision, the center evaluates me once a year to see where I am seeing. This evaluation is followed by three occupational therapy sessions to help me adapt to the vision I still have. Medicare pays for the evaluation and three therapy sessions a year. The center is open to those who have vision issues that can’t be corrected by surgery or medication. They also sell a variety of adaptive equipment.

Introduce to assitive technology

They introduced me to the BARD app for my iPhone which allows me to listen to thousands of free books. Also, they showed me how to use an app on my phone called "Seeing AI" which has many functions. It will read a letter or page in a book. It can tell you what money you put down on the counter. It tells you what is in a room ahead of you and it gives you details of a person coming toward you.

It is an amazing and helpful tool. Best of all it is free.

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