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Grateful for What I DO Have

I've experienced STAGES throughout my 8 years with AMD. I started out with 1 then 2 dry AMD diagnosis.

First seeing waves

I avoided looking at the online photo images of what was supposed to be my future. I was fascinated by the wavy stripes in my life - the planks on the patio and the striped curtains in my living room. Then one, then both of my dry eyes turned wet. Yes, all this time I was was daily taking my AREDS2 and continuing my love of vegetables and I started my regular injections in my eyes. My injection experience has been good.

What I need with AMD

I start lubricating my eye the day before rand, of course, after and that eases the process. Other changes have occurred. I need light. I need magnification. I don't drive at night. Basically I can't do everything I could in the past and I don't like it, but with adjustment to the tools I use and my willingness to ask for help with what I can not do, I am enjoying life.

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