My Family’s MD Journey

I am 70. I have one wet eye and one dry eye. I’ve just recently started getting shots (I’ve only gotten four).

In the family

My dad started our family history of macular degeneration (MD) as far as I know. He could only see shapes. He loved sports and had a chair he kept beside the TV so he could follow the games by following the shapes. There was no treatment back then that we knew of!

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One of my sisters was the next to get diagnosed and hers got bad too before she passed away. Next, a brother got diagnosed and is receiving shots in one eye. Another sister got diagnosed and so far needs no shots! I came along next to be diagnosed. Just recently another broth got diagnosed with the early stages in both eyes.

There are 7 siblings in my family. So far 5 of us have been diagnosed with MD (plus our dad).

Stay diligent

Please make sure everyone is getting regular eye checkups! We are proof it truly is heredity!

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