Not Enough Information

Last updated: February 2022

My consultant said and demonstrated on a model where my problem lay. He indicated the treatment required was a monthly injection for the first three months. I will be receiving an appointment by post...

Questions for the doctor

My next appointment was me giving him a list of questions, which he did attempt to answer.
He seemed impressed by my list, and asked if he could photograph it, which amused me, not knowing if this was a compliment for being inquisitive enough to ask or being cheeky enough for asking them!

When I asked what treatment was required, he again said the injection and when I obviously showed horror on my face, he was equally horrified, by telling me the amount of these injections given per year in that hospital and over Britain, all very successful.

Eye injection research

I just ended the appointment by saying I would need to think about it, which I did, done loads of research, read forums from the people who had actually been through it, and then made up my own mind considering every angle.

As I am 80 this year, and the hospital is a 40-mile round trip, costing £35 each time, and knowing the side effects of the injection, (I knew a gentleman for two years who had it done 12 times a year, watched him suffer, each month, and it did not improve his eyesight one bit, he died last year at aged 82 years old). I also felt, as I am quite healthy for my age, to have this type of disruption monthly, would curtail my quality of life.

Making the best decision for myself

So, although, I have read many success stories, mainly of younger people, I think for me, I will just try and adopt a new normal and use the new devices available.

I have an appointment for a low vision assessment next month, which will enable me to choose the right ones. I have also started taking the recommended vitamins and take any further advice.

I am also fortunate that my right eye is in excellent health.

This is my story.

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