Early Treatment May Restore Vision Loss

Last updated: May 2022

I'm 75, my left eye progressed from dry to wet AMD in December 2021.

Less then 2 weeks after my first injection the wavy lines disappeared and by the time I went for my 2nd injection, I could read fairly well with my left eye, even on my iPhone. I thought wet AMD vision loss could not be restored but my ophthalmologist said when treated early some improvement is possible as happened in my case.

He doesn't tell patients that because he doesn't want to unfairly raise hopes. I am going today for my third monthly shot, the doctor said he may be able to increase the interval for the next one. He completed 8 years of training at Mayo Clinic in 2018.

The injections are painless, I am in and out in an hour including the retinal scans. I no longer worry too much about my right eye which has dry AMD, thinking if it goes wet the injections may get me by for the rest of my time on earth.

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