Three Different Diagnoses

Around age 69 I had cataract surgery on my left eye.

Eye stroke leading to MD

1 week after surgery I had an eye stroke in that left eye. My macula had swelled and blood was barely trickling in. I was rushed to a retinal specialist who diagnosed me with wet macular degeneration in my left eye and dry in my right.

Genetic testing

About 3 years later my RS asked if he could do genetic testing on me as something was not quite right. After genetic testing, my new diagnosis was macular dystrophy from an inherited gene, dry macular disease, and dry eyes. So far the left eye has been stabilized with shots of Eyelea every 14 weeks.

Grateful for retina specialists

My right eye at times is blurry which I am hopefully attributing to dry eyes. Tomorrow is a "shot day" and I can actually see it is time. My sensitivity to bright light has increased dramatically. If my eyes are tired, my vision is definitely off. I am grateful for my retina specialist every day.

I am now 76 and still able to drive due to the shots I am getting. Macular dystrophy mimics wet macular disease. There is no cure for it and those of us with this disease are in a small group.

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