You Don't See It, Now You Do

Last updated: November 2021

It was 2017 I just had a normal eye exam for maybe a prescription change. All was good and then a few months later, I returned to the optometrist, because by fluke I would look at a face with my left eye and the color was normal, and then I would close that eye and look through my right eye and their face was darkened to the point of black.

What was this about?

I was sent to an ophthalmologist and he took pictures. Wet AMD and can it be cured? Yes, injections in the eye! What no, really! It sounded barbaric. 2021 my right eye is back to normal, but as they suspected it went to my left eye. Now I do injections in that eye. Right eye not very often or not at all. Do injections hurt? Well, for me they do not, but I have heard some patients need a sedative before.

Advancements in research

Long story, but I remember my mother having this when there was no help, and eventually her sight was lost. I am very grateful as it can be a hereditary condition. Do not be afraid, they are learning more all of the time and the Mayo is current on all new studies. Here is looking at ya!

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